Move forward & Prepare for the Year ahead

So welcome 2018, what do you have to offer? 

Welcome back ya'll. Happy New Year! It is a new year and a mental new start for us all. 

I decided to take a short hiatus from the blog to think about the future for the blog and where I wanted to put my focus in most and what is the real meaning of "stay fancy" to me and how I can help readers relate to it as well. I wanted to get some time to dedicate for my own self care and come to an understanding of what it means to me. I felt that this was extremely important because I wanted to share information that was valuable and informative to viewers.

I found that "staying fancy", is a constant reminder to live in the present and be true to who you want to be, right now. A mantra that will remind you to focus on the journey ahead and to live in the now. That is my goal for 2018 and pretty much the rest of my life. My life isn't perfect and I personally felt that I was creating a blog that was catered to do so. Now I will be sharing a post the first Sunday of every month of my reflection of being fancy and I was able to incorporate it into my daily life. From discoveries and and we can relate together.  I am always using my figuring out my goals method and constantly shifting and changing my purpose. Trust me, you are not alone. So please continue to join me as I prepare for the year ahead.

A couple days before the new year, my good friend and design partner decided to head out to one our favorite yogurt shops in the city and design a reflection of our goals for the year. It was nice way to spend the afternoon and reflect on our illustrations on how we felt through the past year. Now we prepare to look towards the new year.


 As I prepare, I found that the following personal tools (paper and digital) and tips made a difference in my workflow and how I stay on top of my goals.

bomb_bomb book.png

ESV Illustrated Bible

I just purchase this last year as soon as it came out and it has been the best. I love letters, lettering, and the Bible. This book combines it all into one. My favorite lettering artist, Dana Tanamachi did such a fantastic job with it and I love it! Using this bible is perfect for art journaling and being off my phone using the Bible app. I feel like I'm really connecting to God's word. Click here for more info! 

Poppin Journal

Morning Pages is thing I think ever self care guru is doing. I use my morning pages as a prayer journal instead to write letters to God and write notes in for my bible study. It's my alternative for journaling but I think finding a place to journal is a great way to remember things you may forget or personal reflection. Click here for more info!

Baron Fig 2018 Planner

I am a huge fanatic about actual planners. I use my Google calendar as well but writing down what I need to get done for the week is always a great way for me to set out time in the day with limited use of digital tools to organize my life and stay on track with my goals. The Baron Fig Planner allows me to do so, with it's clean designed planner. If you like to keep it simple and clear, I think this is a great planner to start the year with. I list my todos in each day slot and I also keep a monthly goal list in the back and it works wonders for me. Click here for more info! 



If paper isn't your thing

If paper isn't your thing and you are trying to go completely digital or want to use both paper and digital and dig yourself a hole and organize the heck out of your life like myself, I found a great amount of apps that I found extremely useful as I work towards my goals.


bomb_bomb app.png


I use this platform to organize my goals and plans for the year. What I love about this platform is that you can use it for almost anything and organize it the way you want it from apartment searching to goal tracking. Its super easy and simple!


I stumbled upon Notion a couple months back and it has been my go to for notes. It save automatically and I can share them on the cloud, drive and with my coworkers and friends. You can have 300 blocks for free use and pay $8 a month for unlimited. I'm definitely will be signing up!


I recently found this to be my journal app. It a 5 min journal reflection you can do each day with small prompts that ask me thoughtful question that I can answer about that day. It really easy to use and it doesn't take a long time.



Flora is a great app for helping me plant trees ( even real ones! ) and staying off my phone for 20 min to a couple hours. It helps me stay on track with getting my work done and staying off social media.


I've used this app for a long time and it has always helped me sleep. Whether its with the peaceful sounds or the stories. Its a great way to relax and be calm!  Even meditate as well so I can be focus throughout the day.


These tools have made a significant change in how I organize my task and goals for the year. These are not made able if I didn't wake up in the morning. I am currently testing out my new morning routine. I'll be sure to report to you on how I'm doing in the next post but for now, continue to stay fancy.

Create Daily Goals to Reach your Ultimate

You have establish the goals to want to complete and you're ready to start them ! The only problem is that you don't know where to begin. Here are my questions to you:

  1. Do you find that your want to do everything at once and by the end of the day you doint get much done. Do you feel like you get distracted way too easiely from your main objectives? Are you having a hard time figuring out what you need to do and what you need to start doing first?
  2. All of the above are current problems for myself and others who are doing a tremendous amount of work on huge projects and have ahard time figuring out where to start. Dont worry because I got you and we are both going to get through it.
Artboard 1.png


Here's how:

We are going to create goals using the ones you chose in the previous blog. You will get the opportunity to practice these goals daily to get you one step closer to your goal and you will notice the progress each day, with a satisfying "Wow its only 2pm, and I've gotten a hella amount of work done!"

Seems pretty simple to create daily goals but when you are creating these goals, ask yourself the top following questions:

  1. Are you making SMART goals?
  2. Are your goals doable & obtainable?(create a table)
  3. How can I fit them into my routine?

These questions will help you evaluate your goals, understand them, and determine when you can accomplish them. SMART Goals helps you acheieve your objectives
as it creates an acroymn to guide you through setting your goals.


Artboard 1 copy 2.png

(simple, sensible, significant.)

Why are you accomplishing your goal? How are yougoing to do? It is a group effort or individual? Feel free to add more questions here, since you want to be as detailed as possible.


Artboard 1 copy 3.png

(meaningful, motivating.)

How is it motiviating you? Are you motivation others?

Artboard 1 copy 4.png


(agreeable, attainable)

For this is to answer question two (2). Creating a table helps me to visualize each goals and assessing if i can obtain, how and when. List out all the goals you want to achieve and check them off to see if they are doable and obtainable. 



Artboard 1 copy 5.png


(reasonable, realistic and resourced, results-based.)

Really think here. Should you save your goal to do at another time? Do I have all the right resources? Dig deep and evaluate yourself here. Sit for it on a day to think about

Artboard 1 copy 6.png

time-based, time limited, time/cost limited, timely, time-sensitive

Are you going to complete in 2 weeks, 5 months, 3 years? What can i do in a week? What can i do daily?

Answer these questions!

Answering these questions will not only help you create your goals but hopefully will help you in the project or task that you're working on and why you decided to add it to your routine. You will being to learn more about yourself here and begin this growth in self development that you will be proud of, trust and believe.

You answer questions number one(1) and two(2) for this blog. As for number three(3), we will answer that in the next blog of how to create your own fancy routine, from morning to nightfall, and what tools I use to make it so much easier! I found some really awesome apps I've been using to make my workflow extremely smooth!


Happy Self Care Loves <3

What has happened throughout the past couple of weeks has been extreme and intense. The first thing that came to my mind was the following words of "How can I help?". If you said those same words, understand that you can make a difference and be a part of the growth for the future by participating in the following below:

Artboard 1 copy 7.png


There a bunch of non-profits, events, and churches accepting any donations and goods that could be of help to those in need because of the unfortunate disasters and phenomenas. 
Below are a couple articles that can be of use.

Puerto Rico:



Florida and Lower East Coast:



Artboard 1 copy 6.png


If you don't have a job or enough to give, you can always pray.
Prayer is what we all are in need right now.

Artboard 1 copy 5.png

Spread Love!

If there are any of your loved ones who live in these places, reach out and speak to them. If you know who lost some during these times, call them, pray with them, share love. Let them know you will be there in time of need.

I hope I didn't miss anything but if I did, do not hesitate to share and comment.

Love Ya'll and Remain Fancy <3


What's Your Ultimate?

If you don't know what Ka-me-ha-me-ha is... well you should. This ultimate from Dragon Ball Z is a classic known to everyone. I've barely watched the show and I know about this lol.


The most important lesson here is the ultimate. Goku reached his goal to master his Spirit Bomb with years of experience, just like you should be doing with your skills. As a part of our lives, we are constantly learning, not just during our school years but throughout our journey of life.

Since the last blog, you’ve should have just created your six favorite things. These six special things are extremely magical to you. You fancy them, obviously. They make you feel as if you were on top of the world. These things may or may not have an impact on your future plans and career goals.  But you can incorporate it into your ultimate goal.

Begin to think about what is your purpose and what were you put on this earth to do. Do you know your purpose? If you don’t, begin by acknowledging what you love, just as we did in the last blog.

Creating a mind map is one of the ways I layed out my goals. I usually do mind maps when I begin working on a new project to find the most creative ideas. Here's is a little step-by-step on how you can get there. Feel free to personalize it in a way that works well for you. Be fancy

First Things First

1. Start by listing out of your six favorites

This is just to beginning to creating your own personal mind map

2. Go Ham! 

What are the absolute first things that come to mind for each of your favorites.



3. What are you currently working on? Or what do you want to start today?

Pick another color and circle the ones you want to prioritize or any projects you are currently working on. Try not to pick too many! 


4. What are your lifetime goals or career goals?

Use another color and circle the ones towards your career goals or goals you feel you would be able to do for a great amount of time in your life!


5. Anything Else!

Limited yourself to only 3 more addition goals if they aren't listed here as well. Its may not align with your main goals, but its okay. Thats why your fancy!


There it is!

Your goals that you want to accomplish. Now start them! If your not sure where to start, stay tuned! I'll go over using mini goals to reach your ultimate as well. But use these to think about your ultimate goal. These can always be edited and changed. This isn't a one and done event. Feel free to do this as much as you'd like until you are completely satisfied with the results. You should enjoy doing this!

This is only the beginning to greatness!

See you in the next blog and remember, stay fancy!

These Are A Few of My Favorite Things

The first steps to find out what you are passionate about is figuring out what you love through what you are currently doing in your life. Whether it be a sport or your career. Whatever it may be, these hobbies and qualities brings out the best in you. It one of those things that if someone was to bring up the topic during your annual dinner outing with your friends, you are able to have a 24-hour long conversation about it and giddy with excitement. I've created a list of a few hobbies and items that are near and dear to my heart that bring out the best in me.

I've listed my top six favorites things below:


Purple is my all-time favorite color. In any tint and in any hue. Light purples like lavender bring out the relaxing and calm elements of purple which I believe is my favorite but I  love from all flavors of purple. I love everything that smells like Lavender as well. I use it as my essential oil for my humidifier, I use it as body soap, and body spray (it acts like a bug spray as well!). A small shoutout and huge thank you to all my love ones who have given me small tokens of love and gifts that were purple as well. You know my weakness well.


Ahhh. Manga and Anime. I fell in love with anime not too long ago. Maybe two or three years ago. Before that the only anime I've ever watched or knew about were probably Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh!, DBZ, and a few Studio Ghibli films. A few years ago the only shows I ever watch where superhero based (like Flash!). I realized I wanted something a little different so I began watching an anime called InuYasha. Ever since then, I've been watching all kinds of anime and reading manga. It inspired me to create a lettering blog based on some of my favorite inspiring quotes. Right now, I'm in love with My Hero Academia and I can't wait for Food Wars to come back. Share your recommendations!!



I believe I began to love games when I came home from elementary school on the afternoon of my 7th birthday to find that I received a Nintendo 64 as my present. Ever since then I've enjoyed gaming, especially LAN style where I would gather with my sisters, family, or a bunch of friends to play games. Currently I play Playstation 4 and PC games with my friends or go in solo. I love attending and volunteering for game events and I am currently deciding if I want to back to school to study game design and pursue that career. For right now, gaming is my love when I need some down time. I may stream some game play soon so stay tuned!


Now that I am not working, volunteering for events is my little side hobby but it also something I cherish very much. I love meeting new people, helping out others and giving back where credit is due. There are so many way to help a community in this world and it starts with us. I remember the first volunteer experience I've ever had was painting school on Martin Luther King Jr. Day when I was 12 or 13 years old. Every since then, I have always found volunteering an exhilarating experience. Some experiences where amazing and some where not so great. But my advice to you is go in with an open mind and try to make it the best experience you can. Remember, you are doing this because you care, unless its because you have to, then that's a different story.


Because baked ziti is my all-time favorited dish. Ever. Period. But seriously, I'll eat anything that taste great for my tastebuds.


We are living in the century of technology! It's all around us. Honestly, we can't escape it, even if we tried. Ever since I got my first computer, back when they had a booty in the back, I enjoyed fiddling around with it and trying to be small hacker when I was 12 years old. Now, as a visual designer and as someone who knows about tech and creativity, I know my way around Mac and PC and I hope to build and design my own fancy tower soon! It will probably be a powerful gaming PC that I can also use to plan out my ultimate goal of planet domination!

icons 7.png

After sharing all of those wonderful fun things about myself, I want to hear from you!

So my challenge for you is to list your top six favorite things!!!

But heres the fun part, I want you to be as CREATIVE AS POSSIBLE.

I've created cool icons that are represented in a cute fancy way that can go with my branding and it has a personal relationship with me. So whether you want to paint, blog, vlog, draw, what ever it may be, express it in a creative way!

I give you a week until my next post!

Share them here or through social media with the hashtag #MyFancyManifesto.


Have Fun and Stay Fancy <3